Motion Control for Amer’s Brushless Motor

The Italian manufacturer Amer specializes in motors and control systems. Amer collaborates closely with VARIODRIVE to develop customized motion control solutions for various applications. A key focus of Amer’s R&D team is the development of brushless motors, which are more efficient and extend the battery life of machines. Thanks to MODBUS and CAN-bus communication protocols, Amer’s products can easily communicate with control systems, reducing design time. The article on motion control for Amer’s brushless motor provides an in-depth look at its application.

Developing High Precision Motion Control Applications

ACS Motion Control and VARIODRIVE collaborate to support high-tech machine builders in developing high precision motion control applications. ACS Motion Control provides motion controller and drive solutions, while VARIODRIVE assists in the implementation of these products. The company focuses on creating smart solutions and long-term partnerships to enable life-changing innovations. They invest in advanced control algorithms and simulation tools, making it increasingly easier to achieve high precision motion control.

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    Complex Motion Control Applications with CODESYS

    CODESYS Softmotion CNC+Robotics simplifies the development of complex motion control applications for machine builders. The package makes programming motion control applications, such as robots and manipulators, easier, allowing for a wider range of manipulators and robots to be applied and more efficient applications to be realized. The software enables simultaneous control of axes and determination of their mutual positions, resulting in smoother movements in less time. Interested in how the CODESYS system works? Read about it in “Complex Motion Control Applications with CODESYS.”

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    Central or Decentralized Control of Motion Control

    The choice between central or decentralized control of a motion control application is determined by the machine control hierarchy and the interdependence of the axes. In the past, central control was common, but with the increasing intelligence of servo drives, decentralized control became popular. Today, there are advantages to both approaches, depending on the complexity of the movements. Central control offers uniform automation and synchronization of servo axes, while decentralized control can perform specific tasks close to the source. The choice between central or decentralized control of motion control depends on the dependency between the axes.

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      The 5 Phases to Product Development

      In the product development of motion system solutions, VARIODRIVE supports machine builders at every stage. The 5 Phases that VARIODRIVE goes through are:

      1. Exploratory and Conceptual Phase: In this phase, the optimal solution is sought together with the machine builder.
      2. Technical Design and Quotation Phase: A feasibility analysis is conducted, and a technical design and quotation are prepared.
      3. Detailed Design Phase: This includes hardware and software design, prototype construction, and technical documentation.
      4. Delivery Phase: In this phase, components are assembled, tested, and validated, and acceptance testing takes place.
      5. Finally, VARIODRIVE offers expertise and direct contacts with factories to arrive at the right solution. VARIODRIVE provides aftercare, such as technical training, support, and warranty.

      Discover all 5 phases and what to consider in the full article on the 5 phases to a motion control solution.

      Motion System Solutions for Machine Builders

      VARIODRIVE specializes in providing solutions for machine builders. We offer customized solutions and assemble components from renowned brands into complete solutions. We also address common issues such as finding the optimal motion system solutions during the design phase, dealing with limited installation options, and selecting optimally composed products. With their expertise and collaboration, they ensure that the motion control solution perfectly meets the needs of each machine builder.

      New Motion Controller and Drive from ACS

      ACS has launched a new Motion controller/drive, specifically developed for high-precision applications in markets such as semiconductors, additive manufacturing, and laser technology. The CMxa Motion controller and UDMxa drive offer advanced motion control capabilities and optional safety functionality. These products are ideal for applications that require high demands on positioning and speed controls, with resolutions at the micron and nanometer scale. VARIODRIVE Drive and Control Technology can select these products and offers support in making the optimal choice for your application. With the new Motion controller and drive from ACS Motion Control, you can achieve precise and flexible motion systems.

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