Specialist in Drive and Control Technology: VARIODRIVE assists in the design and optimization of machinery and production processes

When your application requires more than just standard products, the challenge begins for our application engineering. VARIODRIVE specializes in drive and control technology, and as a reliable partner, we help machine builders and end users in designing and optimizing their machines and production processes.

Our engineers collaborate on your drive technology challenges. This can involve mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and automation challenges. From the project’s initial phase, the necessary disciplines are involved in calculating, simulating, and modeling the application. Throughout the engineering process, the system architecture is determined, and systems and components are assessed based on static and dynamic loads. Additionally, thermal behavior and the lifespan of the drive are taken into account.

Product and System Design

From our extensive product range, we select the system components that meet the specified requirements. Where necessary, components are customized to fit your specific needs. System integration across all disciplines is a key value that VARIODRIVE adds to provide optimal assistance in the development of your application.

Examples of complete solutions that VARIODRIVE provides include:

  • Electromechanical servo systems
  • Electric traction drives
  • Automation systems specifically for drive technology

Customer-specific and the right solutions

In addition to complete system solutions, we are capable of designing fully customer-specific modules or components that can be optimally integrated into your application.

Thanks to our extensive product range, the innovative and creative mindset of our engineers, and over 25 years of experience in drive and control technology, we can recommend and design the right solution for your application. During the design process of your installation, our engineers are available to implement the system components into your application in the most efficient manner.

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