VARIODRIVE takes care of the complete production and supply chain for your designs

In our Production & Assembly department, specific products and modules are manufactured and tested. These products and modules can be designed by VARIODRIVE or by you. VARIODRIVE then takes care of the supply chain for these products, managing the entire process from procurement, incoming inspection, production, testing, validation, packaging, and shipping.

Product and system design

Our Assembly department is equipped for prototypes, single units, and large series of identical products or modules.

The production can include mechanical and electrical assembly of items such as:

  • Electrical panels
  • Control cabinets
  • Operator panels
  • Custom servomotors
  • Linear units
  • Servomotor-reducer combinations
  • Feedback and sensor systems
  • Customer-specific motor and feedback cables
Engaged in machine building and OEM with a Motion Control challenge? We can assist you in various ways!
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