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Explore the power of our material handling solutions for AGVs, shuttles, and distribution lorries at VARIODRIVE!

Whether you need to move 100kg or 10 tons, VARIODRIVE has a suitable drive available. Specifically designed for internal transportation, we offer cost-effective yet highly robust drive systems. Our BLDC motors ensure minimal power consumption and extended battery life. We specialize in battery-powered motion control systems for mobile devices like AGVs, shuttles, and distribution lorries. We provide robust traction systems for heavy daily use, precise controls, and drives for steering mechanisms and product handling on the vehicle. Consult our experts for a solution tailored to your specific application.

Our Vision: Driving Motion Technology to the Next Level

Our Mission
Our mission is to deliver complete systems for motion control applications. Building long-lasting relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the entire process are our priorities. Collaboration is highly valued among our employees, with ample room for development. This mindset extends to the organization itself, where flexibility, innovation, and sustainability aren’t just words but real actions for VARIODRIVE.

Our Vision
To drive motion technology

Our ambitions

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