Founded by Dirk and Marjoleine Goudswaard

VARIODRIVE was founded on April 1, 1996, by Dirk and Marjoleine Goudswaard. Starting from their attic, driven by the need to provide customers with comprehensive motion control solutions and associated services, they initiated their activities. The first represented companies were R+W, which remains a crucial manufacturer for VARIODRIVE even after 25 years, and Bregenhorn-Bütow. The latter was later acquired by Parker. VARIODRIVE’s market approach was appreciated by many customers, leading to the need to move from the attic to a dedicated business premises within a few months to expand and further professionalize their operations.

This expansion allowed for the growth of the workforce and the addition of multiple representations. In 1999, VARIODRIVE began offering motion control systems from S.B.C., now a part of Parker Hannifin. The growth continued, and by early 2001, they moved to a spacious building in the business park of Oud-Beijerland.

With Parker’s acquisition of several manufacturers that were represented by VARIODRIVE, the decision was made to start offering Parker’s entire Motion Control product range. In the following years, it became evident that the Parker product range aligned well with VARIODRIVE’s customers, resulting in substantial growth.

In January 2020, VARIODRIVE was acquired by Indutrade. With this step, the continued operation of the company was assured, and new activities could be initiated.

  • First office VARIODRIVE


    A former retail space became our first independent premises after the attic. Due to its location in a residential area and limited storage options, space was quickly at a premium. In 2000, we were able to purchase and renovate a building in the industrial park, which became our new location.

  • Hoeksche Pluim VARIODRIVE


    In 2000, VARIODRIVE won the “Hoeksche Pluim,” an award for the most innovative company in the Hoeksche Waard region. As part of the prize, we received a beautiful piece of artwork and an applauding jury report with many compliments.

  • Visit Mayor VARIODRIVE


    Mayor Bart van der Hart inaugurated our new company premises in 2001. Here, he joins Dirk Goudswaard and some VARIODRIVE clients in admiring a planting machine from Flier Systems, for which VARIODRIVE provides the drive systems.

  • Commencement of Assembly/Production


    Due to customer needs and demands, we started the production of customized servo motors and electric actuators in 2011. Since then, motors are manufactured based on customer-specific requirements, and actuators are equipped with gearboxes and necessary servo/stepper motors. Additionally, control cabinets are supplied for complete system solutions.

  • Acquisition by Indutrade


    In January 2020, VARIODRIVE was acquired by Indutrade, a Swedish group of companies focusing on high-quality technologies for industrial niche applications. The affiliated companies market technical components and systems while also providing service activities.

  • Current VARIODRIVE Office


    Our current building at Antonie van Leeuwenhoekstraat 22 in Oud-Beijerland. In 2020, following the acquisition by Indutrade, we refreshed our corporate identity and adorned the premises in the new style.

Our vision: Driving Motion Technology to the Next Level

Our mission: Our mission is to deliver complete systems for motion control applications. A long-term relationship and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the entire process are our top priorities. Collaboration is highly valued among our employees, with ample room for personal development. This ethos extends to the organization itself, where flexibility, innovation, and sustainability are not just terms but actual action verbs.

Our vision: To drive motion technology.

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