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In addition to our handy FAQ, we also offer other forms of support. You can also get in touch with us through our contact page. Our team of experts is always ready to answer all your questions and assist with any issues. We strive to serve our customers as best as we can and provide them with relevant and up-to-date information. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need assistance!

You can place an order with VARIODRIVE by sending your request to Your order will be processed promptly by our internal team members.

By choosing a complete solution from VARIODRIVE, you don’t have to worry about integrating various drive components into the machine’s drive chain. We stand behind our complete solution and can guarantee its functionality.

Due to our extensive knowledge of our products and their integration into applications, we can provide a system warranty. This means we guarantee that the application will function when using our motion control and power drive solutions.

Depending on your application, you can choose between a rotary or linear servo motor. You can combine the rotary servo motor with a gearbox or a linear toothed belt or spindle actuator. For the right choice, we can provide a tailored selection; please contact us at

For long stroke and/or high-speed applications where precision is not the primary concern, you can opt for a belt-driven actuator or a rack and pinion combination. For higher forces and precision, a spindle actuator is a better choice. The actuator variants are available in a self-supporting configuration or suitable for integration into a machine frame.

Under most products on our website, you can download the 3D files. If the desired 3D file is not available, please contact, and we will send you the 3D file as soon as possible.

Brushed motors (DC traction) are easy to connect and maintain, but they have lower efficiency compared to brushless motors. If you’re seeking higher efficiency, low maintenance, and more control options, opt for a brushless (AC traction) motor.

You can download the necessary configuration software for most products on our website. For a few products, this might not be possible. In such cases, please reach out to, and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Are you looking for a compact motor with high efficiency and precision? Then a servo motor is the right choice. In our range, we offer various designs, ensuring that we always have a suitable motor for your needs.

Are you looking for a compact drive solution without requiring high dynamics and precision? Then our stepper motors with integrated electronics are the right choice. Extremely compact and equipped with an absolute encoder, each motor can be equipped with a fieldbus such as EtherCAT, Profinet, etc.

Do you require high force or high precision at low speed? Choose a spindle drive in combination with a servo motor.

Do you need high accelerations and speeds, and are accuracies of 0.05 mm sufficient? Then opt for a tooth belt unit in combination with a servo motor or a stepper motor with integrated electronics.

Many feedback systems are multiturn absolute; in such cases, software limits are sufficient, and machine homing at startup is not necessary. This saves startup time, reduces wiring, and lowers the risk of errors.

If you desire high drive stiffness, opt for a bellows coupling. If you require more damping in your application or have a slight misalignment, choose an elastomer coupling. Both bellows and elastomer couplings are available as split or intermediate shaft couplings.

We have suitable solutions for power supply voltages ranging from 12 VDC to 480 VAC.

By properly matching your motor, you can often use a smaller drive, which reduces costs.

Ensure all mounting surfaces and shaft holes are free from grease. First, install the motor bolts, then secure the clamp hub with the appropriate torque. Detailed instructions are provided on our product pages.

When mounting a servo motor, consider the radial and axial shaft loads.

Profinet-bus/Ethercat/Ethernet IP/DeviceNet/SerCos/POWERLINK/CanOpen/RS485/RS232 

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