Traction Drives

Traction motors are the workhorses of an AGV, towing aid, trolley, harvesting vehicle, or other battery-powered vehicle. With the Parker and AMER package, VARIODRIVE has many options. The transaxle, the wheel motor, gear motor, and the right-angle gearbox offer a solution for every vehicle. The transaxle is a ready-to-use unit including a gearbox and differential. In a wheel motor, the direct current motor (PMDC or BLDC) with a gearbox is built directly into the wheel, making it highly suitable for AGVs. The motor with gearbox is modular; the PM motor or BL version is connected to a separate gearbox. The Global Vehicle Motor (GVM) is specifically suitable for traction systems, electro-hydraulic pumps, hybrid drives, and can function as a generator. In collaboration with the controllers, the traction motors form an excellent package for all mobile applications. VARIODRIVE has been a specialist in the field of traction drive systems for 25 years and delivers all these drives fully custom-engineered and selected.

Ask our sales and application engineers about the custom solution that is standard at VARIODRIVE.

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