Traction motors

AMER offers two types of DC motors: Permanent Magnet DC motors (PMDC), which are motors with carbon brushes, and Brushless DC (BLDC) motors. AMER offers the BLDC motor series BL for applications where a maintenance-free drive is required. A major advantage of these types of engines is their high efficiency, which directly translates into battery life. The noise production is low and the engines are characterized by their very compact design. The power range ranges from 100W to 2.5kW. The PMDC motors with carbon brushes come in five construction sizes with diameters ranging from 78 to 177 mm. The power range ranges from 15W to 2.5kW.

All engines are exceptionally robust and overloadable, ask VARIODRIVE for details. All engines can be modified, both mechanically and electrically. Denk hierbij aan as- en flensafmetingen, aansluitkabels, connectoren en optionele remmen en pulsgevers/encoders.

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