The Laws and Regulations of Electrification

The EU and the Netherlands are aiming for climate-neutral goals and are pushing for electrification to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a sustainable society. The EU aims to achieve a 100% reduction in emissions by 2035, which means that new vehicles with combustion engines will be banned. The Netherlands has developed a roadmap for the electrification of the industry, setting targets for the use of electricity and the reduction of greenhouse gases. Various laws and regulations, such as the Climate Act, Clean Air Agreement, and Climate Agreement, play a significant role in electrification. VARIODRIVE contributes to electrification by collaborating with Parker to use electric motors in mobile machinery and develop sustainable solutions. Interested in the new innovations and how VARIODRIVE is responding to electrification? Then read the full article on “The Laws and Regulations of Electrification.

Transition to Electrification

Ruben Hus, Sales Engineer at VARIODRIVE, shares his insights on the challenges and opportunities of electrification in machine construction and e-mobility. In 2020, I made the switch from diesel to electric motors because of the conviction that electric drive is the future and superior to other sustainable sources such as hydrogen. The main challenge is the complexity of component selection; previously, you would simply choose a diesel engine, but now you have to select a complete drive with batteries, which is more expensive and brings technical and operational requirements. However, it also offers opportunities; machine builders can tailor applications to the needs of the end user, which can be economically more attractive and efficient. I am passionate about electric driving because of its measurability and expect that future developments, such as autonomy, offer huge possibilities. In five years, I see myself working with various customer groups and giving them the attention they need in the transition to electrification.

ePTO Offers Opportunities for Electrification

An Electric Power Take-Off (ePTO) offers opportunities for the electrification of heavy mobile machinery and complies with noise and emission regulations. With the right selection of components, an ePTO can be economically interesting for applications such as:

  • Concrete mixers
  • Garbage trucks
  • Crane trucks

An ePTO provides electrical power to power take-offs, which results in energy efficiency, improved performance, and reduced noise pollution. Machine builders can combine the ePTO with batteries and inverter technology to optimize efficiency. VARIODRIVE has extensive experience in this domain and can support machine builders in exploring and implementing ePTO solutions.

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    Challenges for Electrification According to Parker

    The main challenge for the electrification of industrial applications is energy storage, according to Parker. While they can supply motors and equipment, the costs and size of energy storage solutions limit full electrification. Parker has made progress with more powerful motors, such as the GVM motor, which drives hydraulic pumps in construction vehicles and reduces CO2 emissions. The Electro-Hydraulic Pump System decouples traction and work functions, allowing for the use of fuel-efficient engines. Urban applications offer opportunities for electrification to reduce exhaust emissions and noise pollution. Parker expects energy storage solutions to improve by 2030. VARIODRIVE collaborates with Parker on mobile electrification and sees increasing interest in electric drive solutions.

    Mobile Electrification and Product Innovation

    Parker Hannifin focuses on mobile electrification and product innovation. The company collaborates closely with VARIODRIVE to replace diesel engines at construction sites with electric motors. They have developed products such as the PSD servo drives, the ETH series of electromechanical cylinders, and the HLR series of linear actuators, which can be used in various applications. Parker also concentrates on decoupling hydraulics from diesel engines by using electric motors to control the flow and pressure of hydraulic pumps. For more information on the products and electrification, read the full article or get in touch, “Mobile Electrification and Product Innovation at the Heart of Parker Hannifin’s Approach.

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