Mobile Traction Systems

Traction drives come in many types. With the package from AMER and Parker, VARIODRIVE has a complete traction solution in-house. The most important AMER models (up to 4kW) are the transaxle, the wheel motor, and the motor with a gearbox, all drive systems can be customized according to customer preferences.

From the Parker brand, we supply PMAC motors (up to 260kW) for Electric Power Take-Off (ePTO) and ePumps applications, including the hydraulic pump and the necessary control electronics.

The configured ePumps (EHP’s) are used for applications in Construction, Trucks, Mining, Material Handling, and Land and Forestry applications.

In addition to the traction drives, VARIODRIVE also supplies the controls from Parker and ITALSEA, as well as the steering systems from AMER, in order to offer a complete solution for a vehicle.

VARIODRIVE has been a traction specialist for over 25 years and delivers all these traction drives completely custom-engineered and selected.

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