Torque limiters

R+W Couplings’ safety couplings are generally selected based on torque, with the safety part decoupling the floating part from the driven part. These couplings are maintenance-free, backlash-free and wear-resistant. The very short reaction time to disengage makes this precision clutch ideal for protecting the application. The safety couplings can be supplied in 4 different versions; single-position re-engagement, multi-position re-engagement, load holding and full-disengagement. Each version has its scope of application.

Safety clutches with single-position re-engagement is used in machine tools, packaging machines and other applications where precision timing is applicable. The multi-position re-engagement version is used in low-speed or oscillating application. The load holding version is used in presses, lifting systems and mechanical engineering where the drive and driven elements cannot be separated. The full-disengagement version is applied to high-speed application. Depending on the version, the switch-on procedure occurs manually or automatically.

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