Precision Couplings

Drive systems can pose challenging demands on coupling components, such as couplings. They must be able to withstand dynamic loads and significant variations in driving torque while accurately transmitting rotation, among other requirements. Couplings also frequently need to protect other system components from vibrations and torque overload. Furthermore, there is an increasing demand for compact design and energy-efficient drive components. Especially transmissions are becoming smaller, as compact machines with lighter components are economically appealing. To achieve this, the use of precision couplings compared to other traditional coupling types can be advantageous, partly due to their superior torque density.

As an expert manufacturer of precision couplings, R+W Couplings offers solutions for nearly every application, combining the requirements for high speed and precision in motion transmission. Companies use their systems with confidence in process reliability and efficiency when it comes to using R+W precision couplings. R+W Couplings offers a wide range of precision coupling products, ranging from standard items to fully customized couplings, based on collaboration with machine builders from concept to delivery.

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