Torque limiters

The SK1 safety coupling from R+W Couplings features a simple and compact design. This design enables fast and accurate disengagement detection and disengagement. In the disengaged state, this precision coupling has very low friction. Due to the friction clamp connection, this safety coupling is completely free of play. The integral bearing makes it easy to mount a toothed belt pulley or gear. The maximum torque of the SK1 coupling can also be manually adjusted using an adjusting wrench. This key can be ordered separately. For specific inquiries about safety couplings or other precision couplings, please contact VARIODRIVE.

Torque limiter with tapered clamping hub
Limiting torque
0,1 - 1500 Nm
tot 200 rpm
Temperature range
-30 tot +120 oC
Single position (standard), multi position, load holding, full disengagement
Disengagement response time
1 - 3 msec
no service
RVS, ATEX, limit switch, stelsleutel

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SK1 drawing
SK1 Series1,524,51015306015020030050080015002500
Overall length A232832394050545863708495109146
Overall length ("F" Version) (mm) AF232832394050545866738895117152
Fit length (mm) C781111192227,532324141496180
Inside diameter range H7 (mm) D4-84-125-146-208-2212-2212-2915-3720-4425-5625-5630-6035-7050-100
Bolt circle diameter ± 0.2 (mm) F22283543475463788598110120148202
Moment of inertia (10-3 kgm2) Jges.0,010,020,050,070,150,250,51,62,75,28,62031,5210
Approximate weight (kg) 0,030,0650,120,220,40,711,32345,51028
Screw ISO 4762 N1xM2,51xM31xM41xM46xM46xM56xM56xM66xM66xM86xM86xM106xM126xM16
Tightening torque of the fastening screw (Nm) N1244,5468121418254070120
Distance between centerlines (mm) P6,581015
Distance (mm) K568118111112121521192534
Distance (mm) L11151722273537394447596782112
Distance (mm) M3,5445
Distance (mm) R11,31,51,52,52,52,52,533444,56
Distance, ("F" Version) (mm) LF11,516182427373941,54751,5687594120
Outside diameter clamp ring Ø (mm) 020253240
Flange outside diameter -0.2 (mm) G263240505363728798112128140165240
Thread depth (mm) I344568910101012151624
Adjustment range available from - to (approx. values) (Nm) TKN0,1-0,6 0,4-1 0,8-20,2-1,5 0,5-2,2 1,5-3,51-3 2-4,5 3-72-6 4-12 7-185-15 12-25 20-40 35-705-20 10-30 20-60 50-10010-30 25-80 50-11520-70 45-150 80-22530-90 60-160 140-280 250-400100-200 150-240 220-44080-200 200-350 320-650400-650 500-800 650-950600-800 700-1200 1000-18001500-2000 2000-2500 2300-2800
Adjustment range available from - to (approx. values) ("F" Version) (Nm) TKN0,3-0,8 0,6-1,30,2-1 0,7-22,5-4,52-5 4-10 8-157-158-20 16-3010-30 20-40 30-6020-60 40-80 80-15080-140 130-200120-180 160-300 300-45050-150 100-300 250-500200-400 450-8501000-1250 1250-15001400-2200 1800-2700
Actuation ring Ø (mm) B232935455565739299120135152174242
Actuation ring Ø, ("F" Version) (mm) BF24324251,562708398117132155177187258
Pilot diameter h7 (mm) E1422253440475568758290100125168
Centering length -0.2 (mm) J2,53,55835555691013,520
Diameter h7 (mm) O211141724273239505565727592128
Actuation distance (mm) 0,70,80,81,21,51,51,71,92,22,22,22,233
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