Line shaft couplings

For bridging longer distances, VARIODRIVE offers the solution with its product range of intermediate shafts from R+W Couplings. The modern design of this shaft coupler allows distances of up to 6 metres to be covered without support bearing. This saves the machine builder time and money on installation. The hubs are plug-in parts with an elastomeric star or bellows part. The shaft is a precisely tailored spacer made of aluminium, steel, or carbon fibre.

Intermediate shafts from R + W are completely backlash-free and can be used at temperatures in the range from -30 °C to +100 °C. The application areas of these precision couplings are very diverse: from material handling to printing technology and from gantry systems to theatre automation. Packaging machines and screw spindle systems can also be fitted with R+W intermediate shafts.

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