Miniature bellows couplings

Where torques starting from 0.05 Nm need to be transferred and shaft diameters starting from 1 mm, the MK series miniature bellows couplings from R + W Couplings are the right choice. Due to the trend towards miniaturisation – for example, in medical technology, laboratory equipment and micro pumps – this product plays an important role in a growth market. Backlash-free miniature bellows couplings are the design solution among precision couplings for equipment with limited dimensions.

The stainless steel bellows is the central component and compensation element. The correct selection is based on practical requirements, e.g. the amount of torque to be transmitted and the degree of alignment to be compensated. Miniature bellows couplings meet conflicting stiffness requirements, with maximum stiffness in the direction of rotation and very low stiffness in other directions, while alignment errors must be accommodated – for example, in rotary encoders, tachometers and small motor drives. Capturing this radial, axial and angular misalignment plays an important role in protecting connected equipment and preventing component damage. Types MK4, MK5 and MK6 are also clearance-free and offer quick and easy installation, with the benefits of electrical and thermal insulation

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