Universal Drive Modules

The ACS motion control drives consist of a wide range of high-quality Universal Drive Modules (UDM). These power modules are designed for excellent performance, ranging from 10W to 10kW, with DC bus voltages from 12Vdc to 680Vdc. The motion control drives can only be used with ACS EtherCAT controllers, except for the IDMsm. The IDMsm can be connected to any industrial EtherCAT controller. The drives are optimized for low noise levels and provide the lowest possible jitter and speed ripple.

The servo drives can be configured to drive any type of motor (single-phase, two-phase, or three-phase, brushless servo motor, AC induction motor, DC brush motor, stepper motor), with open or closed loop control and dual feedback control. Many types of feedback systems are supported, such as incremental encoders (both digital and analog Sin-Cos), absolute encoders, and resolvers. Furthermore, the drive modules offer general and specific I/O functionality, such as PEG (Position Event Generation), position registration marking, and motor brake controls.

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