Universal Drive Modules

The MC4Udc is a modular, configurable multi-axis servo drive system. It consists of a Slave Motion Controller, power supply, and drive modules designed for OEMs with demanding multi-axis motion control applications. The servo drive modules can be controlled by any ACS SPiiPlus-platform EtherCAT master and utilize powerful servo control algorithms to optimize the performance of the motion system.

For the servo drive modules, two types can be selected: the NanoPWM for the most precise performance in terms of position jitter, settling time, and speed accuracy, and the economical PWM drives. The integrated universal servo controller provides the system designer with flexibility to control almost any type of motor. Optionally, the Safe Torque Off (STO) function is available, complying with SIL-3 and PLe safety requirements.

supply voltage
85-440 VAC
Nominated current
1-45 A rms. Peak
Peak current
2-90 A Rms. Peak
Number of axes per module
2 to 8
Motor type support
Brushless AC, Brush DC, Voice coil, Stepper, AC Inductie
Incr. Encoder, SinCos Encoder, Biss-C, EnDat, SSI
Fieldbus options
EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, ModBus
Safety options
Metal IP20
10-24DI, 12DO, 2-16AI, 2-4AO
Brake resistor

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