Dialog Control Systems

The B-PRIMIS DC-Dialog Control System series is a
combination of an industrial CODESYS-PLC with an HMI terminal for versatile industrial automation applications.

The B-PRIMIS DC-Dialog Control System series includes the B-PRIMIS DC-PRO and the B-PRIMIS DC-PRIME. The B-PRIMIS DC-PRO is a resistive touch screen available in the sizes of 4.3″, 7″, 10.1″, or 15.6″. The B-PRIMIS DC-PRIME is a frameless capacitive touch screen of 7″, 10.1″, or 15.6″. Furthermore, all Dialog Control Systems possess a B-FORTIS CC-Slim integrated flexible programmable unit.

Standard, the Dialog Control Systems possess Ethernet communication interfaces and are expandable with multiple communication interfaces including: Ethernet, CAN Bus, and RS232/485. In addition, the units have Ethernet TCP and the EtherCAT master communication protocol. As an option, this can be expanded with Modbus RTU M/S, Modbus TCP M/S, SNMP, OPC UA, J1939, PROFINET, BACnet. For visualization, the CODESYS Web and Target Visu (VNC Client) can be used. Furthermore, depending on the unit, there are various digital and analog I/Os present on the unit. In addition, the units can easily be combined with other control components such as the standardized Berghof MC or the ET system.

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