Motion PLC systems

Within the industry, automation is increasingly being used. The Motion PLC Systems from BERGHOF are applied by VARIODRIVE. These products, in collaboration with all motion control products and traction products, offer an excellent package for all issues within industrial automation. The Motion PLC Systems consist of compact and modular PLC controls, including HMI screens that can be connected to the PLC control or even contain a PLC control themselves.

The Motion PLC Systems are applied in various industries including: metalworking, food processing, AGV and transport industry, mining industry, oil & gas industry, horticulture industry, offshore and maritime industry. The Motion PLC Systems are programmed in CODESYS V3.5 IEC61131-3 and can be equipped with many options that CODESYS offers, including: Motion Basic, SoftMotion, CNC, EtherCAT, ProfiNET, VPN Client, FTP server, NTP Client, WebVisu.

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