NEMA17 closed loop incl. electronics

Stepper motors

The MIS motor, the complete motion solution, is a stepper motor with an integrated (absolute) encoder and controller. All necessary components in one unit. Thanks to the internal encoder, the MIS motor can be controlled in closed loop, eliminating the possibility of step loss in the past. By means of the industrial grade M12 connectors, connecting is easy. Integration into your control system is directly possible through the numerous real-time fieldbus connection options.

Motor type
Steppermotor closed-loop
Max power
100-135 W
Voltage range
7-72 VDC
Holding torque
0,18 - 0,78 Nm
RPM range
0-3000 rpm
Max. stroom
1,3-3,3 A
Natural ventilation
Feedback sensor
Abs. Multiturn Encoder
CANbus, Ethernet IP, EtherCat, SERCOS III, PowerLink, ProfiNet, RS485
8DI, 8DO, 8AI, 0AO
STO, Wifi, Houdrem aanbouw
MacTalk Nano PLC
M12 connectoren

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  • Ethernet Powerlink 8 registers
  • Profinet
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  • Datasheets
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