VARIODRIVE delivers. Planetary, hypoid and right-angle bevel gearboxes. The planetary gearboxes can be equipped with straight or helical gears and are characterized by a very high efficiency, low backlash class, and high torsional rigidity. The delay boxes are manufactured by ons equipped with the correct motor flange and coupling in order to create a perfect motor/gearbox combination. De hypoïde delay boxes be used for high precision applications with dynamic movements. The gears roll over each other, resulting in high efficiency. In a single step, it is possible to slow down from a 3:1 ratio to a reduction of 10:1.. The bevel gear reducer is characterized by its right-angle drive concept. Usually, the gears are helical, resulting in minimal noise.s production and a high efficiency of the reducer are created. The gearboxes can be equipped with output flange mounting, hollow shaft, solid shaft, or spline shaft.

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