Motion controllers

The SPiiPlus motion controllers and EtherCAT Master are very powerful state-of-the-art motion control systems that are used in high-precision mechatronic applications. The open architecture of the SPiiPlus motion controllers works in combination with the ACS line of EtherCAT servo and stepper drives and I/O modules, as well as with any certified third-party EtherCAT module that complies with the CAN over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol. The SPiiPlus motion controllers can control up to 64 drives and hundreds of I/O points.

The unique optional NetworkBoost™ function increases machine uptime by using ring topology-based redundancy to continue operating in the event of an EtherCAT network failure. The SPiiPlus EtherCAT cycle, including the generation of motion profiles, is 1 to 5 kHz. The ACS drives have a sampling frequency of 20 kHz for the servo control algorithms and a distributed clock to ensure synchronization of 0.1 microsecond between all axes. The SPiiPlus motion controllers are complemented by the SPiiPlus MMI Application Studio with software tools that are designed to work fully integrated and minimize time-to-market. All tools contain a built-in simulator, powerful external access, and diagnostics.

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