Steering Systems

For over 25 years, VARIODRIVE has been a traction specialist with a wide range of drive motors. For steering vehicles, we offer various options. Each vehicle and AGV, and therefore each steering system, is developed for a specific task, making this steering system unique. VARIODRIVE has extensive experience with steering systems. Feel free to ask us for complimentary advice and an analysis of your vehicle. Together with you, we will find the optimal solution in terms of technology and cost. Our contribution can range from a single steering component to a fully automated steering system.

Steering a vehicle can be automated using a motor-driven steering mechanism controlled by a computer or PLC system, which operates autonomously or with remote control. We have also implemented steering systems with or without power assistance, sometimes retrofitted into existing situations.

A steering mechanism (automatic or manually operated) can be realized in two ways: mechanically or electronically. The mechanical version can be implemented as either rotary or linear. In the product pages, we clarify their operation and present the possible configurations.

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