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The 404XR series high-precision linear actuator is built on a similar design to the popular 404XE linear actuator. The 404XR is a highly accurate positioning solution for many applications.

The 404XR is powered by a highly accurate ball screw spindle and guided by double linear ball screw guidance. The 404XR is compatible with the actuator from the 400XE series, allowing for easy integration within a complete multi-axis system.

Suitable for clean rooms.
Miniature, contactless home or limit sensors that can be placed along the entire length of the displacement.

Max. stroke length.
2000 mm
Repeatability accuracy
±1,3 - 12 µm
Max. normaal kracht Fz
1470 N
Max. speed.
1,5 m/s
Max. acceleration
20 m/s2
Max. thrust force Fx
460 N
Spindle speed
2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 32 mm
Tire cover
IP30 Stainless steel
Home, Limit switches, linear encoder, Clean room Class 10.

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