Positioning table type TE

Precision spindle tables

The lightweight, low-profile, and compact positioning table type TE from IKO, supplied by VARIODRIVE, is manufactured from an aluminum alloy with a running table mounted in a U-shaped bed.

The mass of the entire table has been reduced to approximately 40% of the TU series. A low cross-sectional height (26 mm for TE50B, 33 mm for TE60B, and 46 mm for TE86B). Moreover, various sensors can be directly mounted on the positioning table.

Maintenance tasks such as greasing the ball screw spindles and linear guides can be significantly reduced by using the lubrication component “C-Lube” impregnated with lubricant.

The positioning table can be selected with various height carriages, one or two carriages, in-line or parallel motor mounting, and different covering options.

Max. stroke length.
max. 800 mm
Repeatability accuracy
±2 µm
Max. vertical load
175 kg
Max. speed.
max 1.860 mm/sec
Max. acceleration
3 m/s2
Max. horizontal load
45 kg
0,005 mm
Positioning accuracy
0,036 - 0,065 mm
Spindle pitch
4, 5, 8, 10, 20 mm
Protective cover
Motor in-line or parallel, limit and homing sensors

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