Flexible gear couplings

The heavy-duty toothed arc coupling from R+W Couplings has a special geometry that allows the coupling to accommodate lateral, axial, and angular misalignments. This heavy-duty coupling transmits the torque with minimal play and high torsional rigidity. The precision design of the transmission ensures the performance of this compact coupling.

The high gear quality and excellent lubrication distribution make them efficient and durable. To extend the lifespan, lubrication can be optimized with an NBR or Viton seal.

Compared to other types of toothed arc couplings, the R+W series is particularly easy to install due to the use of fine-threaded bolts for assembly. The designs are also available with an optional additional brake disk or extended hubs. For improved corrosion protection of the components, R+W couplings can optionally undergo further treatment.

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